Tuesday, May 28, 2024

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It is amazing on how much time it takes to work on these projects. There seems to be three types of time tracking going on. First there is actual time, this is the time spent actually working on the item, tear down, fixing, and then finishing or rebuilding depending on what you are working on. Then there is real time, this is the time that passes by while you are not actually working on the project. Real time minus actual time equals lost time. I do not think I need to explain lost time, most people have a grasp on this.

Anyway back to actual time, the project, Austin's chair. I have been fixing a few loose joints and a small crack and it is ready to move into the rebuild time slot. It really did not take a lot of actual time but the real time was rather long. Here it is on the handy table saw workbench. Just need to take back to the shop so Russ can do his magic.