Tuesday, May 28, 2024

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This evening I also learned the lesson of using "temporary" staples when putting the seat cover on. I didn't actually think they were going to be temporary when I started but hey, those YouTube folks certainly make tonight's job look easy! Actually, it wasn't a terribly difficult task but the fabric did need some gentle coaxing to get it to fully embrace the frame. The good news is, the seat cover is on and I've cut the fabric to cover the front side of the back. The best news is, there's just enough left over to cover the back side of the back, and when I say just enough, i'm talking about a 24" piece to cover a 22" back! Whew! I also have a few pieces that I should be able to make piping.


The next time I work on this chair I hope to be able to get started on the rear of the back where I get to use piping and Pli-Grip!!! Woohoo is all I've got to say! ;-)