Friday, July 12, 2024

Leather bookmarks handmade in the heart of Iowa. A delight to look at, feel, smell, and use, these leather bookmarks make perfect gifts for yourself and your loved ones, and maybe even for those you don’t love so much. Let us know what we can make for you! Download and use our order form and/or contact us here. If you receive your bookmark through the U.S. mail, some assembly may be required - see details here or see the back side of the order form for details.

We use top grain, veg-tanned leather, dyed in a variety of colors, including natural. After engraving the bookmark, we apply a thin protective layer of acrylic to help prevent unintended damage that life might throw at it in the future!

Because we use a laser to engrave the bookmarks, the artwork is only limited to imagination, and space (that is, the printable area on the bookmark). The most frequent requests are names and fairly short statements. While we can reduce the font size to increase word count, we recommend a maximum of 25’ish characters. This results in text comfortably large enough to read from a distance but not overwhelming when viewed up close.

In addition to plain text, we’re happy to work with you to include customized artwork such as your logo - for a nominal fee of course! All we need is an electronic file of your artwork, in nearly any format, and we’ll do what we can to get it transferred to the bookmark.

Guarantee: Proudly Handcrafted in the USA, we stand behind every product we sell with a 100% satisfaction guarantee. If you’re not satisfied with your purchase we very much want the opportunity to make it right with you.

A few things worth knowing about leather:

Leather absorbs dyes at different rates depending on where it was taken from the hide and if the animal had any skin imperfections such as bug bites or flesh wounds. For these reasons and others, dyed leather products will often exhibit some variations in color and texture. This is part of the natural beauty of leather and is nothing to be concerned about.

Natural leather is not only strong, durable and sustainable, it offers something that no other material can match – uniqueness. No two hides are identical.

Water itself is not inherently harmful to leather, however, repeated exposure will often cause the leather to become stiff when dry. While treatments are available to help restore and preserve leather, such products aren’t needed for bookmarks as they are generally stored in a reasonably clean and dry environment.