Monday, June 24, 2024

Someone recently asked where I've been. My thoughts immediately went to, "nowhere" as that's about the only place I've been the past couple of years. But that's not what this person wanted to know. You see, the last time I posted anything to this website was about 2 1/2 years ago!  A more fitting title of this post should be, "How Did That Happen?!!!"

Since someone is looking at this site it only seems reasonable that we should keep it updated. There's been a LOT of water under the proverbial bridge in the past couple of years so I'll try to keep this article brief in an attempt to catch other up on the status of Russ & Alan's adventures!

First, we've been busy. Not only learning upholstery and leather skills, but with our personal lives, with work, and family. Alan is now a "second-time" grandfather, still working full-time, and engages in upholstery and leather work as his schedule permits. I on the other hand wrapped up teaching a few months ago and am currently enjoying retirement - although I feel I'm more busy than I ever was when working at the university. My youngest child graduated college and was recently accepted into grad school - talk about an increase in stress levels! There's no question, her mother and I are going to miss her terribly... at least for a few weeks...

Second, and back to upholstery work, oh my goodness, the last posted article was such a long time ago! I've worked on a lot of projects since and will try to start posting a few pictures to keep with the mission of this site, documentation of our adventure.

Last, so yes, Alan and Russ are both still alive, as is our hobby making and repairing things. I can't speak for Alan here but I'm proud to be a "maker" - of course, I was a maker before being a maker was cool! I think Alan was as well. Remember, we're both old guys who know how to make and fix stuff!