Saturday, April 13, 2024

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17-11 Barstool Seats

In this early project our objective was to build vinyl covered barstool seats using white upholstery vinyl accented with red piping.

Sewing the Boxing, Piping, and Plate Together


Read more: Sewing the Boxing, Piping, and Plate TogetherThe cushion cover consists of a plate and boxing (that's the top and sides - or is that side since it's a circle?) From what we've read, you want to cut the plate slightly smaller than the foam, that way you fill the cushion around the perimeter giving it a "full look" rather than ending up with a saggy top - and you don't what that!

With the piping sewn to the plate, the boxing is then sewn on sandwiching the piping between it and the top plate. When nearly complete the boxing is marked, cut, and sewn to length, then the sewing of the boxing to the plate is finished. YouTube videos make this job look really easy! And in all fairness, after three or four cushion covers it starts to get easier. One thing YouTubers fail to do is to mention all the

Read more: Sewing the Boxing, Piping, and Plate Together

Making Barstool Cushions

White vinyl cushions with a quick red stripe." That was the instruction from our in-house artistically inclined team member so to appease her...Read more: Making Barstool Cushions 

(Photos by Maggie)

Eager to put our latest toy to use, we excitedly swapped the normal presser foot for the recently arrived cording foot! For those who know us, surely you must know the old adage about simple things amusing simple minds, and needless to say we were both duly amused, but alas, I digress. 

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