Saturday, April 13, 2024

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17-12 Tami's Rocking Chair

Tammy's husband decides to surprise her by having a family heirloom reupholstered!

What a Difference a Day Makes!!!

Read more: What a Difference a Day Makes!!!OK, technically speaking it's been more than a day since this project started but... WOW!!! The chair is beautiful!

At first, I was somewhat concerned the color combination of the chair and piping weren't going to go over but those concerns vanished the moment I sewed piping into the seat cover.

Tami's husband Wyman took on the tasks of woodworking and frame restoration and to his credit, he did a terrific job. I'm sure Tami will be delighted. 

This project provided a few new learning opportunities, it turned out great, I'm impressed, and pleased with the outcome, and I hope Wyman and Tami will enjoy the chair for a lot of years to come!

Read more: What a Difference a Day Makes!!!

Read more: What a Difference a Day Makes!!!

Tami's Teardown

Tami's chair showed up tonight and we decided to tear into it. The following photos document the teardown process and give a look into the 1959 rocker. The arms were removed before our photographer, me, remembered to shoot a few pics of the evening's activities.

Read more: Tami's Teardown

Read more: Tami's Teardown

Tami's Going to Get a New Chair

Read more: Tami's Going to Get a New ChairTami's husband decided to surprise her by having us reupholster a rocking chair that's been in Tami's family for generations. Worn and covered with a lifetime of patina this chair comes to us with the frame in great condition. Not that it'll be a cakewalk to redo, but we will be able to enjoy spending time on the upholstery rather than working in the wood shop. 

Manufactured in September of 1959, the chair was purchased from a furniture store in Spencer, Iowa in November of 1959 by Tami's parents (Ken and Evelyn Woolston) for rocking newborn Tami to sleep. The chair was handed down to Tami and her family when her children were born so that Tami could in turn use the chair to rock her babies to sleep. The chair has been her possession since, and now, she and her husband are ready to extend this chair's life for another fifty years!