Saturday, April 13, 2024

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17-11 Director's Chairs

This sweet set of director's chairs is about to get customized!


Read more: Done!As with all things this project must come to an end. The seats and backs look great! This is a project I'm pleased with - it turned out great and provided several learning opportunities!

Not to make much of an issue out of this but sewing two completely different fabrics back-to-back made me scratch my head because of the problems I was faced with. I suppose the main issue of improper thread tension manifested itself as visible stitch knots on the underside of the fabric. By adjusting tension settings I was able to raise the knots to an acceptable position while sewing on the relatively thin printed duck cloth by completely tightening the upper tension control.

Read more: Done!

Christmas is Coming!

Read more: Christmas is Coming!Ring-a-ding-ding! Christmas is just around the corner and one sweetheart of a mother is going to surprise her daughter with a totally awesome set of director's chairs! Picked up for a song, and a chunk of change, this mom found just the fabric that would make these otherwise average set of chairs, absolutely pop! What a cool idea for a Christmas present. I'd love to see her daughter's expression when she cracks open this gift!

So, the plan is to make new seats and backs for the chairs, the frames are in great condition so we won't be touching those. We'll be making four seats and backs using two different materials and patterns - those photos are yet to be taken. This shouldn't be a taxing job and I hope to work it in over the weekend in between finishing the Chittenden & Eastman chairs and Austin's or Tami's rockers.

On a completely different topic for a few seconds, I would like to go on record for just a moment to say those who gave us advice about starting an upholstery hobby were absolutely right! We were told two things, 1) projects would come out of the woodwork as soon as people found out we were doing this and 2) the day would come when we recognized the need for yet a second sewing machine. If you're listening, Steve, Susan, Mike, Dave, Sheila, and all the rest of you in the know, you were right!!!