Saturday, April 13, 2024

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17-12 Ottoman

Badly damaged ottoman repaired.

Ottoman Rebuilt

Read more: Ottoman RebuiltHave you ever watched a herd of human children run rampant through your living room? Playing tag, or follow-the-leader, or perhaps let's-jump-on-all-the-furniture? Yes, that'd be the image I want you to put in the back of your mind as you read this article.

You see, here's a perfectly good ottoman that was once subjected to some punishment - while I can't prove it, I can speculate on how the damage might have originally occurred. Given the household where this piece of furniture came from I'd say there's a high probability the damage stems from some small creature, or one of her friends, who shall remain nameless at this point. Or I suppose it could have resulted from an extremely heavy individual who may have inadvertently plopped themselves down on it without regard to finding the center of the frame, but this option if far less likely.

Read more: Ottoman Rebuilt