Saturday, April 13, 2024

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18-03 Mudroom Chair

Dave and Dianne

During conversation over dinner one evening with friends the topic of my interests in upholstery came up. To make a long story short, Dave and Dianne had a favorite mudroom chair in need of attention and asked if I'd be willing to take it on as a project. A few days later Dave dropped it off and Dianne approved of the material I suggested we use.

To describe the chair as "rickety" would be an understatement! I'd guess nearly every joint was loose but, nothing was broken, although one of the rear legs had a slight lateral crack which could be repaired at a future date if deemed necessary. The seat was covered with a hard plastic, I want to say it was vinyl but it looked and felt more like a plastic table top cover from the 1970's - nothing like the soft and supple vinyl upholstery materials available today. The chair was also a causality of being in the wrong place on at least one occasion, it was covered with a white paint overspray, probably from being in a room that was being painted with a roller.

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