Saturday, April 13, 2024

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18-04 Twentieth Century Barrel Chair


I'm so happy! Upholsterer mentor Rollin came by tonight to offer his critique of the barrel chair project I recently wrapped up. The exciting news is, my skill status has officially been upgraded from "amateur" to "enthusiast" and for me that's exciting! 

Oh sure, there's a long way to go to get to the point where I could call myself a professional upholsterer, but, I'm getting better with experience, and quite frankly the quality of work I'm doing isn't bad, especially given the projects I've been working on have been rather complicated - although I am ready for something easy! With all of that said, I'm very much enjoying my time learning this craft and am looking forward to the next project that shows up on my doorstep. 

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New Motto

While working on this turn-of-the-century barrel chair project I've come up with a good motto, one that I'll get to soon but first, to borrow from Paul Harvey, the rest of the story...

Here's a project I've taken on and at the outset felt as though I'd wrap it up within a week. I mean, how hard can it be, I'm just putting the seat back together - of course there's the unknown issue of needing to 8-way tie the springs underneath the seat based on the "before" picture. Also pictured here is the final product for comparison.

Read more: New Motto Read more: New MottoYes, the before image looks a bit sad and has a few wrinkles but overall how hard could it be to simply replace the covering, put new gimp on, and bang in a few decorative nails? It wasn't as difficult nor time consuming as the last project but this one made me scratch my noggin a few times. I thought I'd approach this project with a systematic approach I might use to solve engineering problems like I do on a daily basis at work. Having torn it apart and 8-way tied the springs, I contacted my mentor and invited him to come share an adult beverage with me presenting an opportunity to ponder the issues this chair would pose. I was pleased when Rollin said I had done a good job with the spring tying - and had I knotted the strings where they crossed outside of the springs I might have even tied them as well as he would have. But by that point my mind was replaying his compliment that my work was "acceptable" and was relishing in the fact he hadn't proceeded acceptable with "not" nor "un" as in this is simply unacceptable!  

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